Assuming Intelligence? That’s A No-No

, , , , , | Working | October 9, 2018

At the front desk we have a monitor that is connected to all of the security cameras in the building. We are never supposed to turn this monitor off because for whatever reason, this confuses the poor little PC that runs the system and everything has to then be rebooted for the PC to realize it is, in fact, connected to a monitor.

Apparently, not turning off the monitor is an incredibly difficult concept to grasp, as is reading a simple sentence in the English language, which is the first language for all of my coworkers at the desk.

I put a bright-a** green post-it note right over the d*** power button on the monitor, saying, “Please do not turn off the monitor.” And what happens? Yep, it gets turned off. Someone had to literally move the bloody note to push the button, and then they stuck the d*** note back on.

So, this time, assuming I am working with toddlers who have the intelligence of a certain president, I put a piece of tape over the button with one word on it: “NO.”

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