Assembly Of Errors

, , , , | Learning | September 5, 2019

(When I’m in eighth grade, my school gets a new teacher, an inexperienced 22-year-old fresh out of college. Since this is a small school, students are grouped by homeroom and he has to teach several different classes, mostly for his homeroom but for other homerooms, as well. One day, he takes us outside for the gym period and gives us free-reign as long as we don’t stray too far. We’re all having fun in our various activities and don’t notice the time passing. Suddenly, the science teacher, who is in charge of one of the seventh-grade classes, storms out of the building and comes up to our teacher.)

Science Teacher: “What are you doing out here?!”

Homeroom Teacher: “Gym class? Why?”

Science Teacher: *yelling* “You’re is supposed to be in the gym! The assembly starts in ten minutes!”

(Most of us heard and came running so we wouldn’t be late. I don’t think we even had time to change out of our gym clothes. The worst part? All of the students from the nearby elementary feeder school had already been bused over and seated, so our entire class plus our teacher had to climb over a bunch of younger kids to get to our assigned spot at the top of the bleachers!)

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