Asking The Juicy Questions

| Right | July 17, 2017

(While trying to help a customer decide on a drink, she mentions that she’s on a diet because her doctor said to, and wants something healthy.)

Me: “I’d suggest getting a juice. The Tahiti Squeeze is my personal favourite. It’s got apple juice, orange juice, and strawberries.

Customer: “What do you do with it?”

Me: “We cut up apples, we cut up oranges, we juice both of those, and then we add some strawberries.”

Customer: “And then what do you do with it?”

Me: “We blend it a little bit so the strawberries aren’t whole.”

Customer: “And then what do you do with it?”

Me: “We pour it in a cup?”

Customer: “It’s not going to spill while I’m walking, will it?”

Me: “No, we put a lid on it.”

Customer: “How do I drink it?”

Me: “With a straw?”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll get that!”

(Overall her transaction took five minutes. We only have one cash, so there was quite the line up by the time she finally decided.)

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