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Asking Out Is Out Of Bounds

| Romantic | August 18, 2014

(The photo processing shop where I work has one regular customer, a 40-ish something man, known for being lewd and harassing female employees, so much so that none of the other females would help him. I am the only one who will deal with him because I’m typically pretty laid back and hard to upset.)

Me: “Hey, [Regular], how are you today?”

Regular: “Fine now that I get to see your pretty little face.”

Me: “Mhm. Here are your prints.”

Regular: “When are you going to let me take you out for a nice dinner? I can make it worth your while.”

Me: “You’re married. I’m not interested.”

(Usually my directness makes him back off. Not this day.)

Regular: “C’mon, baby. You know I wouldn’t kick you outta bed unless you wanted to f*** on the floor.”

Me:That’s it! I’m done waiting on you, as is every other woman here!”

(I promptly went to a male manager, told him what happened, and said I refused to work with that customer ever again. It was just the last straw for me. The owner, an “old-fashioned” man, wasn’t going to kick a regular customer, who brought a lot of business, out of the store for “just asking out some girls” but it was understood after that day, that NO female would ever wait on him again. I should also add that he is married to a very lovely, sweet woman and they have a couple of kids. I always wondered how she could be with such a prick. Or how I could work for a bunch of male chauvinists.)

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