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Asking For Trouble

| Working | July 27, 2012

(Due to an increase in my workload, I have delegated the task of filing documents to our receptionist at the suggestion of my boss. After many months of the receptionist repeatedly asking me the same questions over and over, this conversation ensues.)

Receptionist: “Hey, where do I file this document?”

Me: “In section 10.”

Receptionist: “How about this one?”

Me: “Also section 10.”

Receptionist: “Thanks!”

(Mildly annoyed with the receptionist’s repeated daily interruptions, I print out a written procedure on how to file documents.)

Me: “Hey [receptionist], I figured maybe you had lost the procedure for filing or maybe I never gave it to you in the first place. So, if you have any questions on where the documents go, this should answer any questions you do have.”

Receptionist: “Oh yeah, I have that already!”

Me: “…You do?”

Receptionist: “Yep.”

Me: “Then why do you keep asking me where everything needs to be filed?”

Receptionist: “It’s just easier for me to keep asking you!”

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