Ask And Ye Shall Receive Nothing

, , , , | Working | February 6, 2018

Since I am a returning employee at our toy store, I notice things that need to be fixed more quickly, as I am used to how the managers want it. I’ll sometimes be walking by with a handful of items and ask an associate who isn’t busy to fix the plush section. It isn’t as if I am pulling them away from tasks; they look really bored.

One day a manager pulls me aside and tells me to maybe tone down on asking associates to do stuff, since I am one of them. I agree and just start working extra hard so I can finish all the tasks without any help.

I apply for a manager position after a few more months with the company, and I get rejected because the managers and supervisors notice I don’t ask for help on tasks and am thus “not a team player.” They don’t believe me when I tell them one of the managers told me I was too bossy. They tell me to take responsibility, and so I do. I take responsibility for my own mental health and future career and quit!

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