Ask Me No Questions…

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(My AP psychology teacher is an extremely chill woman. One day a friend and I finish our work early and are just sitting around talking, and we decide to ask her if we can go grab a coffee from a coffee chain uptown.)

Me: “Hey, Mrs. [Teacher], [Friend] and I are done with all our work. Is there any way we can go uptown and grab a [Coffee Chain]?”

Teacher: “Legally, I can’t allow you to do that… but… I actually didn’t hear where you wanted to go, so, now, ask me if you can go to…”

(We catch on.)

Me: “Oh, yeah. We’re going to the… bathroom.”

Friend: “Then we’re going to go to cafeteria!”

Teacher: “For coffee?”

Us: “For coffee!”

Teacher: “Okay. Have fun, guys.”

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