Ask Any Koala: Cute Can Kill

, , | Working | October 8, 2020

We get some items in our store that look just like lipsticks. I open one, because we’ve never sold makeup, and find that it’s a sewing kit. Right on top is a pincushion with needles sticking up out of it. It even winds up like a lipstick. I think it very dangerous and intend to warn customers if I sell any.

Later, a customer picks one up; she’s got her back to me.

Customer #1: “Oh, look at this, [Customer #2]! Isn’t it so cute?”

Customer #2: “Yes, but what is it?”

Customer #1: *Opening it* “Oh, it’s a little sewing kit, but it’s so cute. I might get one for my granddaughter.” *To me* “Don’t you think this is cute?”

Me: “Yes, it is, but also dangerous because someone could mix it up for a lipstick case.”

She looks at it and starts winding it up to see that the needles now sit about two centimetres above the red pincushion.

Customer: “Oh, my God, you’re right. My daughter would kill me if I gave that to my granddaughter. Thank you.”

Of course, she didn’t buy it.

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