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As Soon As You’re In The Country, Everyone ELSE Is An Illegal

, , , , | Right | July 27, 2020

I volunteer for an organization that gives food, clothing, and doctor check-ups for those in need. Keep in mind that we only give food depending on family size to make it fair for everyone. Two women approach the window; they appear to be sisters.

Me: “Hi! Can I see your ticket, please?”

Woman #1: *Gives me the ticket* “Can we have an extra basket of food?”

Me: “I am sorry, but the food we give out depends on family size.”

Woman #1: “But I am an American; I deserve more food than these illegals.”

Me: “I am sorry, but it would not be fair for everyone else.”

Woman #1: “YOU—” *now pointing at me* “—and these illegals are taking away all my food; I want more food!”

[Woman #1]’s sister just stares at her, and then she speaks.

Woman #2: “Remember where you came from.”

[Woman #1] walked away with anger but embarrassment. [Woman #2] took the basket and thanked me.