As Sick As A Parrot

, , , , , | Right | April 26, 2019

(I work in an IT support role for veterinary practices as we build their software and computers. I have a five-minute phone call setting up a machine, and during the call, I hear two things every ten to twenty seconds: a parrot squawk followed by the Samsung message alert whistle.)

Me: “I’ll just need a couple of minutes to finish this off.”


Me: “It should install quite quickly.”

Customer: “No problem. I can wait.”

(Squawk! Whistle!)

Me: “Sounds quite busy over there today!”

Customer: “I have ten minutes until I leave, and I am so looking forward to it.”


Me: “Oh, that’s good!”

Customer: “Yeah, the parrot is in for observation and will not shut up.”


Customer: “It’s not a phone you are hearing. It’s this d*** bird.”

Me: “Oh, my God…”


Customer: “Yep…” *sigh*


Customer: “He’s been here for two days! We’re about close to—“ *whistle* ”—KILLING HIM!”

(I couldn’t hit my mute button fast enough to burst out laughing!)

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