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As Opposed To Doctors Behaving Like Princesses

| Friendly | December 17, 2015

(We are hanging out before the reception at a friend’s wedding, all the guys in suits and Friend #1 in her dress. We are in the elevator for a parking garage near a museum. A father and young daughter step in with us. She whispers to her dad and is hiding behind him.)

Father: “Excuse me, my daughter has a question.”

Daughter: *to Friend #1* “You are so pretty. Are you a princess?”

Friend #1: *leaning down and holding a finger up to her mouth* “Shh, it is a secret. I am a princess, but I am here to be a doctor.”

Daughter: “Oh! Daddy, can I be a doctor princess?!”

Father: “Well—”

Friend #1: *interrupting* “Yes, I can tell. If you work hard enough you too can be a doctor princess too!”

Daughter: “Yay!”

Father: *while getting off the elevator* “Thank you.”

Friend #2: “After you, Your Highness…”

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