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As Long As They’re All Sweet

| Related | July 5, 2016

(I’m the kinda mean sister in this story. My older sister has three kids to three different dads, so my two nieces and nephew all look completely different. My oldest niece is 15 and part aboriginal, my youngest niece is 13 and a blonde-hair, blue-eyed German, and my seven-year-old nephew is Tongan. While we share the same parents, I look nothing like my sister. My nephew has just started a new primary school and my sister is telling me about his first day on the phone.)

Sister: “When [Niece] picked him up from school, a kid asked [Nephew] who they were. [Nephew] told him that they’re his sisters. The kid said told him that they don’t look the same so they can’t be and that he must be adopted. So [Nephew] was extremely upset.”

Me: “Well, to be fair, you kind of did of get the share pack of kids. [Oldest Niece] is milk chocolate, [Youngest Niece] is white chocolate, and [Nephew] dark chocolate.”

Sister: “You’re a b****.” *click*

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