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As Long As It’s Something

| Friendly | May 7, 2017

(I am at that stage in life where all of my friends are somehow settling down and starting their families while I just seem to be adding to my amount of pets. Two of my best friends, who coincidentally got pregnant at the same time, are over at my house and discussing their pregnancies, having just found out the genders of their babies. Since they have yet to announce the discovery to our extended friend group, they decide to take one of those pictures where they write the gender on their bump, and somehow get the idea that they have to include me in the picture at all costs. The picture that eventually makes it to Facebook pictures the three of us, side by side, grinning wildly with our tops baring our stomachs, and colourful writing on our skin. This is what it reads:)

Friend #1: “It’s a girl!”

Friend #2: “It’s a boy!”

Me: “It’s a lesbian!”

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