As If Mondays Aren’t Bad Enough  

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(I have a condition that requires weekly treatments. My managers know this, and I get Mondays off every week. Even for huge store events, holidays, or if we’re short-staffed, I do not work Mondays. We get a new manager, and they do the schedule for the first time. I notice I’m scheduled on a Monday and talk to the new manager.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager], I’m scheduled for this next Monday.”

Manager: “Yeah, we get a double truck that day, so we need extra help.”

Me: “I can’t work Mondays.”

Manager: “Well, it’s been posted. I can’t change it now.”

Me: “I can’t work that day. The system shouldn’t have even let you schedule me for Monday.”

Manager: “Oh, yeah. I took the block out because we really need you Mondays.”

Me: “You realize I need those days off for a reason, right?”

Manager: “You’ll have Tuesday and Wednesday off, though! Isn’t that better?”

(Another manager comes in.)

Manager: “[Other Manager], can you explain to [My Name] that she has to work Monday?”

Other Manager: “What? No! She doesn’t work Mondays! Did you schedule her?!”

Manager: “Yeah, and I removed her block on Mondays. It’s not fair to the rest of the store for her to always get a truck day off—”

Me: “It’s also not fair that I have cancer and have to get chemo every week.”

(The first manager goes pale.)

Manager: “I… Well…”

Other Manager: “[My Name] will not be working Monday.”

(He ended up having to work my shift. He also was banned from making the schedule again.)

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