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As Dumb As Rocks

, , , | Right | November 20, 2018

(We sell pallets of stone, and sometimes we have to stack them of top of the others when we’re running low on space. A man and his young daughter walk into our office.)

Parent: “Hi! I know it’s an odd question, but can we just walk around and look at your rocks? My daughter is six, and she really loves rocks.”

Me: “Absolutely! No problem at all.”

(Later, I walk outside to speak to a customer, and during our conversation I look around and realize the little girl is SKIPPING from the top of one double-stacked pallet to another. Her father is standing in front of the row of double-stacked pallets, grinning as his six-year-old daughter jumps down the row between the uneven pallets nearly eight feet in the air. I excuse myself from my customer.)

Me: “Sir? Sir! I’m sorry, but she really needs to get down from there!”

Parent: “Aww, really? But she’s having so much fun! I guess it might be an insurance risk for you guys, though, right?”

Me: “Yes, sir. Yes it is.” *thinking* “Do you not like your child?”