As Clean As Water

, , | Hopeless | November 5, 2016

(I’ve gotten to know some of the cashiers at my local grocery store pretty well; we always chat while they’re ringing me up. One day, I make it all the way to my car with my groceries before I realize that the cashier didn’t charge me for the two cases of water under the cart. I quickly threw my bags into the car and pushed the cart back inside. There just happened to be an assistant manager standing right inside the door.)

Me: *a little breathless* “I’m so sorry! I was chatting and forgot to tell the cashier about my water under the cart.”

Asst. Manager: *looks genuinely surprised for a second, then smiles* “Don’t even worry about it, sweetie.”

Me: “I promise I have no problem paying for it.”

Asst. Manager: “Nope, it’s on us, for being so honest and actually pushing that all the way back in here.”

Me: “Wow! Thank you!”

Asst. Manager: “You have a nice night, now!”

(Even though it wasn’t an expensive item, it was still great to have a nice encounter with the manager since I was the one who’d made the mistake.)

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