Arresting Developments

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(While still living at home as a young adult, I decide to take up jogging. On my third morning, jogging along a quiet country road, I am hit from behind by a car going at least 40 miles per hour. I have injuries, but thankfully nothing debilitating or catastrophic. It is a hit-and-run; the driver drives off and out of sight just as I am pulling myself out of the ditch. As I limp home in the same direction, I manage to flag down a car going the other way. They have seen the car that hit me, and they actually know the driver, a local high school student. I get home, get cleaned up, and call the police. An officer arrives and takes the report, as well as the name of the alleged driver. Once the officer has all he needs, he heads for the door, and my grandmother, who is visiting, stops him.)

Grandma: “Officer, if you do find that young man, I ask that you really explain to him that you cannot just leave people lying on the side of the road like that! Thank goodness, my grandson will be okay, but he could have seriously been hurt.”

Officer: “Ma’am, if I find this young man, I’m going to arrest him.”

Grandma: *shocked* “Oh!”

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