Armageddon Shopping List: Holy Water, Crucifix, Tic Tac

| | Right | June 18, 2008

(I was working at the express lane one Sunday morning, and this family comes in. Keep in mind that they look like something straight out of the Beverly Hillbillies. So they purchase a few things, and their total comes up to $6.66.)

Customer: *looks at total in horror and points to son* “Quick, get some candy, gum, anything!”

(His son then proceeds to throw a box of Tic Tacs at me.)

Customer: “I will not have the Devil’s number as my total!”

Me: “Thank you sir, have a nice day!”

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  • CyNical CyNthia

    It’s just a f***ing number you stupid pieces of sh**.

  • Jayden Lowery

    Isn’t the devil’s number actually 667 or something like that

    • Kikari

      646, I believe. (This information courtesy of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me)