Arguing Over The Weekend Never Ends

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(Usually I work alternate weekends to the store manager, but if either of us need time off we will swap shifts if we can.)

Manager: “[My Name], I need the Sunday off on my next weekend. Are you able to do it? I’ve been invited to a baby shower.”

(I check my calendar and see that I’ve got plans for that Saturday, but the plans I had for that Sunday can be done the following Sunday.)

Me: “Sure, I can do it.”

Manager: “Okay, that means you have Saturday off and work Sunday, but the next week I work your Sunday, so it evens out. Is that okay?”

Me: “Yes, that is fine.”

(A few days later, I notice that she’s got me working for the whole weekend.)

Me: “Why am I on for the Saturday?”

Manager: “Well, I figured seeing that you agreed to work the Sunday that you could work the Saturday, too.”

Me: “That wasn’t what we agreed to; we were swapping Sunday shifts only.”

Manager: “I need you to work on Saturday; I need to shop for a baby gift “

Me: “I have a family function on the Saturday.”

Manager: “Can’t you change it?”

Me: “It’s a wedding, and no, I can’t.”

(I get the day off, but on the weekend afterwards when I am supposed to work Saturday and have the Sunday off, she decides she will come in on the Saturday with me.)

Manager: “Seeing as I am in today, you can work tomorrow.”

Me: “What? I’ve made plans for tomorrow.”

Manager: “But tomorrow is your Sunday on; you can’t just make plans on your day on.”

Me: “I swapped shifts because you wanted the time off last week, remember?” *I go to look at the roster* “Hold on, you’ve got me working next Saturday, too.”

Manager: “I just wanted to make sure you had a day off and weren’t working every weekend.”

Me: “So, you gave me the Sunday off, on my weekend off, to make sure I had time off on the weekend? Which means I actually work four weekends in a row instead of the three I agreed to?”

(I made sure I get the Sunday and the Saturday off, but she made sure I knew that she was doing me a favour. I made my mind up that I would no longer swap weekend shifts with her.)

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