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Are You Sure You Live Where You Think You Live?

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My house is located right on the edge of [Town #1]; the house across the street is in [Town #2]. I placed an order with a large home improvement company, putting my address in as [Town #1] for the delivery. The day it was due to be delivered, I got an email saying there was an issue. I called customer service. 

Me: “Hi, I was told there’s an issue with my delivery?”

Customer Service: “Yes, we have [my address using Town #1] but our delivery service is telling us it’s [my address using Town #2]. Can you verify so we can change the address?”

Me: “[My address with Town #1] is correct.”

Customer Service: “Okay, so, I have [my address with Town #2]—”

Me: “No, not [Town #2], [Town #1].”

Customer Service: “Ma’am, our delivery service does not recognize your address with [Town #1]. It has to be [Town #2].”

Me: “It’s not. I run into this problem all the time, but my legal address is in [Town #1]. [Town #2] is across the street, so I understand the confusion, but I assure you, it’s [Town #1].”

Customer Service: “Could you do me a favor, miss? Please read me your address as it appears on your driver’s license or utility bill.”

Me: “Okay. It’s [my address in Town #1].”

Customer Service: *Quiet sigh* “Okay, miss. Let me put you on hold.”

Ten minutes pass.

Customer Service: “Thank you for holding. Unfortunately, the address you insist on using is not valid, so we have cancelled your order. You should get your money back in seven to fourteen business days.”

Me: “What?! Are you serious?”

Customer Service: “Yes, ma’am. If you cannot provide a valid shipping address, we cannot ship to you. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Me: “No. We’re done here.”

I hung up, upset. I debated leaving a negative review online but decided it wasn’t worth my energy. Instead, I placed an order with their competitor, using my address in [Town #1], and I had it waiting on my doorstep in a few days. I also did an Internet search using my address in [Town #2], and guess what I found? It doesn’t exist!

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