Are You EVEN Listening?

, , | Right | November 9, 2020

I am cleaning up the front of the store when I notice that there is a customer standing at the front. I go to serve her, we make small talk, and everything seems fine when I notice her eyeing me up and down repeatedly.

Customer: “What fake tan do you use?”

I am mixed race, half Indian and half white, meaning I am naturally darker in skin tone.

Me: *Laughs* “Pardon?”

Customer: “What fake tan is it that you use? It’s so even!”

Me: “Oh, this isn’t fake tan.”

I explain that I am mixed.

Customer: “But why is it so even?”

I am a little confused; are we both talking about the same thing?

Me: “I guess I am lucky that I was born so even.” *Laughs again*

The customer continues to insist that it is unnaturally even colouring and I begin to just play along.

Me: *In the end, tired* “Try Bondi Sand’s ‘Heritage.'”

Customer: “I knew it! Thank you!”

That shade doesn’t exist, but she walked away a happy woman!

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