Are You Cereal?!

, , | Romantic | April 22, 2020

My mom, my girlfriend, and I are heading out on a camping trip, and we stop by the store on the way. We need some last-minute food, mainly cereal for me and my girlfriend since Mom didn’t know what to get for us. Since we don’t live together, we are equally as ignorant about each other’s preferences, and we spend a while deciding.

Girlfriend: “What about Rice Krispies?”

Me: “No, I don’t find them filling. Raisin Bran?”

Girlfriend: “No, too boring. How about Honey Nut Cheerios?”

Me: “Okay, but I only like the no-name brand.”

Girlfriend: “But I only like the name-brand!”

I shrug helplessly.

Girlfriend: “There are corn flakes…”

Me: “Yes! Corn flakes! Let’s get that!”

Girlfriend: “Well, maybe there’s something else.”

We spend another few minutes debating over various cereals before deciding to each get our own small box, only big enough for three bowls each, perfect for a three-night camping trip. She gets some kind of granola and I get corn flakes. We get to our campsite, set up, fully enjoy ourselves, and go to sleep, and the next morning we all break out our individual cereals.

Girlfriend: “Oh, this is bad. Can I have your cereal, instead?”

Me: “No! I wanted corn flakes; I got corn flakes! If you wanted corn flakes, you should have gotten corn flakes!”

Girlfriend: “I thought you only said you liked corn flakes because I said I liked corn flakes. I didn’t want you to get something you didn’t like!”

Me: “No, I said I liked corn flakes because I like corn flakes. And there’s only enough for me, so you can’t have them!”

She made do and we enjoyed the weekend. She did eventually enjoy the granola when I thought its fruitiness would be a better base for a cheesecake than graham crackers and fed it to her on her birthday a couple of weeks later.

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