Are You Bloody Serious?

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Many years ago, before walkie-talkies or other in-store communication other than wired phones which are also used for paging over the loudspeakers, I am sorting and counting overstock. The stock room runs the length of the back of the store and I am at one end, the offices at the other; in the middle are the receiving area and sign-making printer and supplies, as well as the nearest phone.

I am moving a tall ladder when it slips and crushes my fingers, cutting me severely so I am in pain and bleeding profusely. I am making my way as quickly as possible to the other end to get assistance when I see someone in the receiving area so I try to ask for help. I am cradling my injured hand wrapped in my uniform vest against my chest with the other, the blood seeping through and dripping down the front of my white shirt.

Me: “[Coworker], please call a manager; I’ve injured my hand and need help immediately!”

Coworker: “Oh, hi, [My Name]. You’ve made lots of signs, right? Can you show me how to use the printer?”

Me: “I can’t do that right now. I’m in pain and bleeding; please call for help!”

Coworker: “I need to make a sign and I don’t know how. It’ll only take a minute!”

Realizing the futility of getting help from the coworker, I don’t stick around any longer. I make a beeline for the manager’s office as I am beginning to feel lightheaded and don’t want to pass out.

Coworker: *Loudly* “But I need help making a sign; why won’t you show me how?!”

I make it to the offices and sit down. I am given first aid and taken to an emergency clinic where I receive stitches; X-rays show no broken bones but my hand is swollen and black and blue for weeks.

A few days later, my hand swathed in bandages, I run into the unhelpful coworker in the break room.

Coworker: “Hey, what did you do to your hand? I don’t understand why you couldn’t have taken a minute of your time to help me make the sign the other day; that was pretty rude!”

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