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Are You A Teacher Or Are You A Mouse?

| Learning | December 20, 2015

(I am in an ICT lesson at school, and notice my mouse isn’t working. I look round the back of the computer, and sure enough my mouse is unplugged. I plug it back in, but then this happens:)

Teacher: “What are you doing with the computer?!”

Me: “The mouse wasn’t working, so I plugged it back in.”

Teacher: “No, you don’t do that! If you have a problem with the computer you talk to me!”

(The teacher was already talking to students, and does not like to be interrupted.)

Me: “But it was just the USB that was unplugged.”

Teacher: “I don’t care; you don’t touch the back of the computer! You are not experienced enough to know what to do with it!”

Me: “It’s a USB! It doesn’t even carry power!”

Teacher: “But what if somebody had pulled out a power cable?”

Me: “Then nothing would happen because the computer would not be on! Anyway, the power leads are all covered and safety tested!”

Teacher: “…”

Me: “Anyway, I didn’t want to call you over for such a small problem!”

Teacher: “But I’m experienced enough to deal with it! You don’t know enough to do that!”

(The teacher then walked off, apparently forgetting that they have had to ask other students for help with computers many times before.)