Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

, | Working | May 2, 2017

(I’m the resident network admin at our office. Far too often the following seems to happen whenever someone needs access to one of our databases: I get an email saying Employee needs access to Database. Before I even have a chance to read the details, an IM pops up on my screen:)

Employee: “Hey, did you see my request?”

Me: “Yes, it just popped up.”

Employee: “Oh, okay. Well, I need access to [Database].”

Me: “Yes, I’m reading that now.”

Employee: “Okay, thanks. I’m coming over.”

(Seconds later the employee physically walks to my desk.)

Employee: “So, you got my email right?”

Me: “I just said I did.”

Employee: “Have you done it yet?”

Me: “Um… It’s barely been two minutes since you sent the request. Give me a chance to read through it then I’ll get it in the system and send you confirmation.”

Employee: “Oh, okay.”

(They walk back to their desk, then almost immediately ping me on IM again.)

Employee: “Is it done yet?”

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