Arabian Plights

| Learning | December 10, 2013

(It is just post-9/11. Anti-Islamic feelings are running high at our predominantly white, large town. It gets so bad that many parents start to complain to the school district that the schools should not teach anything related to Islamic culture. An angry parent starts protesting at a school board meeting.)

Angry Parent: “As a parent, I am worried that if our children learn about anything that deals with Muslims, they will become terrorists themselves!”

(A few parents murmur into agreement. Another angry parent stands up.)

Other Angry Parent: “Besides death and destruction, what did the those [ethnic slurs] ever contribute to the world!?”

(The head of the school board tries to calm down the crowd. Then one of our math teachers calmly grabs the microphone.)

Math Teacher: “So, you want us to teach your kids long division in roman numerals?”

Angry Parents: “Huh?”

Math Teacher: “It is the Arabic nation that first created the concept of numerals that we use today. If we take out all the contributions that the Arabic nation created– well, we will have to take that out, as well as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.”

(The history teacher is the next to stand.)

History Teacher: “Or classic literature and Aristotle. It was the Islamic nation that preserved Aristotle’s works, and much of the classic literature and thinking.”

English Teacher: “And if we’re still going to take away their contributions, we might as well get rid of paper. The Islamic nation is the reason why we have paper.”

(After that, none of the parents spoke out about not teaching us Islamic culture and its contributions. Thank you so much for those teachers speaking up!)

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