Arabian Plights

, , | Learning | December 28, 2017

(This cafe is near campus and most of the staff are students. The owner allows any staff to put on music. Recently, international staff have been putting on songs in their own languages.)

Older Customer: *nicely* “What music is that now?”

Staff #1: “Oh, this one is Arabic.”

Older Customer: “The h***?! Is this place overrun by terrorists now?

Staff #1: “What? No!”

Older Customer: “It’s terrorist music!

Staff #1: *open mouthed*

Staff #2: “Are you calling me a terrorist? I’m just Arab.”

Older Customer: “Go back home you Muslim terrorist!! What’s that song about? How you want to kill us all?

Staff #2: “I said I’m Arab. But I’m not Muslim; I’m Christian.”

Older Customer: “You liar! You are all Muslims over there.

Staff #2: “My parents are Muslims and the very reason I’m here in America is because my parents don’t accept my decision to be Christian.”

Older customer: “…” *slowly walks off*

Staff #1: “Does he even know there’s Arabic and Islam courses at the university?”

Staff #2: “Probably not, or he’d have a fit.”

Staff #1: “I’m not sure he’ll be back now. He’s actually been in here a lot asking about the foreign songs.”

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