Applying A Little Customer Kindness

, , , , | Hopeless | July 31, 2019

Both my father and I have worked retail but my mother has not. I ordered a small appliance from a store who ended up sending me two of the same appliance. It was an accident; I checked and I only ordered and paid for one. 

As I was unpacking, I was on speakerphone with my parents. I told them that the store accidentally sent me a second appliance. My mother said, “Oh, you should take it to a store so they can have it back.” My father and I tried to tell her that it doesn’t work that way; I would just get a refund for the one I purchased. Once it’s out, it’s out. She did not understand this.

Several days later, she called and said she talked to corporate and that they confirmed they could not just take it back without a refund. According to her, they were very perplexed with the situation and said that nobody had ever tried to return something they were sent accidentally. They suggested she keep it, which she did, and my mother enjoys it greatly. She even wrote a review on the website along with this story and said how great the customer service was. Really my mother is just a sweet cinnamon roll and it warms my customer service heart.

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