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Apparently, “Withdrawn” Doesn’t Mean All That We Thought

, , , , , | Working | November 26, 2021

I had an interview with a company that initially went really well, but it became clear that the company just wasn’t what I was looking for in job security, development, or any real long-term future. I withdrew my application a few days later and thanked them for their time.

A month later, I had interviewed and accepted another job when I got a call from a familiar area code. I was busy so I let it go to voicemail. I got a message, and it was a woman from the first company. I applied directly, so I knew it was about the job. I wondered if they might be trying to win me over — not that it would change anything. When I had time, I called back.

Me: “Hi. I got a missed call earlier. It’s [My Name].”

Woman: “Oh, yes, that was me. I was ringing to let you know that you have been unsuccessful with [job role]. We keep details of all applicants on file and may consider you for other roles.”

Me: “Thank you for ringing me. I do appreciate that. But can I ask you not to keep my details on file, please? I won’t be interested in any roles with [Company].”

Woman: “I don’t think that is the attitude to take.”

Me: “No, I think you misunderstand. I withdrew my application weeks ago. I don’t think [Company] offers what I looking for. So, I won’t be interested in any position, thank you.”

She muttered something and hung up without a goodbye. No loss on my part. I thought no more of it, other than a funny story to tell.

Nearly two months later, I got another phone call from the same woman, offering a chance to “re-do” my interview for the same position. I declined and this time blocked the number.

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