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Apparently, The Glove Doesn’t Fit

| Learning | January 18, 2015

(We’re in home economics class, and we have just finished up on our baking projects. Although our teacher grades us on the quality of the work, she also grades us on other things, such as presentation and how we serve our food. Our teacher is rather strict on the latter.)

Teacher: “All right, now we’re going to have everybody serve their projects to the rest of the class. And if your hands touch the food that you’re serving, I will be taking 20% off.”

(This unnerves a lot of the students. They start serving their food rather creatively in order to not make direct contact with it. I’ve even seen a student try to balance a slice of pie on a knife, only to have it fall on the floor. At any rate, their presentations took some considerable time.)

Student: “This is unfair! How are we supposed to serve our food if we can’t touch it?!”

(My turn comes up. I have made a coffee cake that is rather crumbly in texture. I don’t fiddle around with any tools, I just cut up my cake and placed each slice on a plate with my hands. I don’t make any mess, and every plate looks presentable. Because I used my hands, I was able to set up my presentation quickly and efficiently.)

Teacher: “Good job, [My Name]. You get full marks.”

Student: “Hey! No fair! He just used his hands!”

Teacher: “He’s wearing gloves.”

Entire Class: “Oooooooohhh!”

(Apparently, in a class of 21 students, I was the only one who thought to wear gloves.)

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