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Apparently, Great-Grandad Has A Reputation?

, , , | Related | September 26, 2022

This is a story told to me by my grandmother. My grandad was an Irishman who came to England during World War II, married Granny, settled down, and had my dad. For most of their marriage, they would take trips to Ireland on the ferry to visit his family.

This happened on one of their earlier trips before Dad was born. Granny was talking to the woman in charge of the dormitories on board.

Ferry Lady: “Where are you going?”

Granny: “[Grandad’s Hometown].”

Ferry Lady: “Are you driving there?”

Granny: “No, my father-in-law’s picking us up.”

Ferry Lady: “Who’s your father-in-law?”

Granny: “[Great-Grandad].”

Ferry Lady: “Oh, he’ll be late.”

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