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Apologizing For Complaining, What A Concept!

, , , , | Right | August 1, 2021

I’ve learned over the years to always bring at least $10 with me in cash when I go to a restaurant with my father. He’s a great guy — intelligent, kind, and funny — but a bit of an elitist. He has very strong opinions on how people in service roles should act. Not subservient, just… flawless.

We were at a “concept” restaurant where food would come out as it was ready, rather than all at once. Naturally, he complained.

Repeatedly. Loudly.

To the food runner, to our server, a second server, to the manager — he even got up and complained to the bartender. On the way out, he decided to go over all their heads and told the hostess she needed to change the restaurant’s “concept.”

One day, I’ll sit him down and explain to him how restaurants work. Until then, I’ll always make sure to slip the server an extra $10-20 and an apology.

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