Anything You Can Sell…

| Related | August 16, 2013

(My sister-in-law has recently gotten a new job selling cruise trips at a big holiday company. To say she is pleased with herself is an understatement. The topic about her sales figures and how she can sell ‘really well’ keeps coming up.)

Sister-In-Law: “So, I was on the phone to a customer, and sold them a £3000 holiday; apparently the first one this year!”

(I’m nodding along, trying to fake interest.)

Friend: “[My name], don’t you do something in sales?”

Me: “Hmm? Oh yeah, sort of. We only deal with anything over £30,000. Difficult, especially in this economy, and when dealing with owners and heads of business.”

(My sister-In-law glares at me. She never bothers to learn what I do.)

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