Anything You Can Do…

| Related | August 29, 2013

(My girlfriend’s parents are visiting. We joke that they have been going through a bit of a midlife crisis, spending what ever they earn before it can hit their account. The thing is that whatever we do, they copy. When our TV broke and we saved up and brought a new 40″ LED, they just so happened to buy a new 52″ LED that same month. When my car broke down, we found a new car for a steal. They ‘fancied a change’, so got a new one as well.)

Me: “So, we were thinking about moving.”

Father-In-Law: “Oh really? Are you sure?”

Me: “Well, it’s not exactly nice here; there was a murder last week! Not exactly ideal for bringing up a small child.”

Father-In-Law: “Yeah, I suppose.”

Me: “Oh, it won’t be anything flash; just a three-bed perhaps.”

(This seems to console my father-in-law somehow. A couple of months later, we have a phone call inviting us over. Note that there are only two of them, and they don’t live with anyone else.)

Father-In-Law: “We’ve just put a deposit down on a new rental! It’s great! Three bedrooms, nice area; you would love it!”

Me: “Great! We have just put a deposit down as well, three bed en-suite, garage, great area, brand new, and the mortgage is all sorted.”

Father-In-Law: “Wait… you’re buying a brand new house?”

Me: “Yep.”

(The copying stopped after that.)

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