Anything Goes

| Working | July 23, 2017

(My company driver calls Colleague #1 to say that he will be passing by this area where one of our favourite food stalls is located and offers to get takeaway for all of us.)

Colleague #1: “Hey all, [Driver] called. He said he can help us get takeaway from [Favourite Food Stall].”

(Colleague #2 takes the menu and looks through it. After some time…)

Me: “[Colleague #2], have you decided? If yes, can I have the menu?”

Colleague #2: “I can have anything…”

Me: “‘Anything’ is not on the menu.”

Colleague #2: “What about walking out for lunch?”

Me: “Do you want to walk out for lunch?”

Colleague #2: “Anything…”

Me: “So you want ‘anything’—” *points to menu* “—or ‘anything’?” *pointing at the main door*

Colleague #2: *shrugging* “Anything…”

Colleague #1: “[Colleague #2], just get something from the menu!”

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