Any Given Sundae, Part 6

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I work at a major regional chain that is a restaurant, ice cream store, and market. I am working the drive-thru.

Customer: “I’d like a sundae!”

Me: “What kind of sundae?”

Customer: “A vanilla sundae!”

Me: “Okay… vanilla. What kind of sundae, though?”

The customer thinks for a moment.

Customer: “Oh… a double!”

I’m gritting my teeth now. They have specified that they want two scoops of vanilla in a dish now… but haven’t told us really anything specific yet.

Me: “Okay, vanilla, double-dip. What kind of sundae?”

Customer: “Oh, no nuts, but with whipped cream!”

Me: “Is that hot fudge, hot caramel, strawberry, marshmallow? What kind of sundae did you want?”

Customer: “Yes!”

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