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Any Given Sundae, Part 4

, , | Right | September 17, 2020

I work at an ice cream shop. People love to complain and try to get free ice cream. We have a special sundae of the week which is a caramel supreme sundae. It’s basically a hot fudge sundae with caramel added. A guy comes to my counter.

Customer: “I’ll have a large hot fudge sundae.”

As he’s ordering, he’s looking at the special sundae poster. A lot of people say one thing but mean another, so I want to double-check. 

Me: “The hot fudge sundae or the special caramel one?”

Customer: “Didn’t you hear me? I said I wanted the hot fudge.”

Me: “You got it.”

I make it for him and he goes to eat it. Fifteen minutes later, he comes back with a completely empty sundae cup.

Customer: “You got my order wrong.”

Me: “Sorry, what did I mess up?”

Customer: “You didn’t put any caramel on it.”

Me: “Oh, I thought you wanted the hot fudge?”

Customer: “Put your listening ears on. I said I wanted the caramel.”

Me: “Oh, didn’t I double-check with you? You said, ‘Didn’t you hear me? I said I wanted the hot fudge’.”

Customer: *In a threatening voice* “Are you arguing with me?”

Me: “Certainly not. I’d be happy to make you a caramel supreme. It’ll be [price].”

Customer: “Excuse me? I’m not paying for you to get it right.”

Me: “I made you what you ordered. I also double-checked with you. I can give you some caramel, but I can’t make a whole new sundae since you ate all of it.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous! Get me your manager right now.”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

I go get my manager and explain the situation to her. She makes the guy a sundae.

Manager: “Sorry, sir, here you go.”

Customer: “It’s good to see there’s at least one competent person here. Tell your girl she needs to listen better.”

Manager: “I will.”

I got scolded for arguing with a customer. Apparently, we’re supposed to give free sundaes whenever someone complains. Needless to say, I didn’t stay long since there was zero support from management. Examples like this are why people are nasty to service people.

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