Any Given Sundae, Part 5

, , , | Right | September 18, 2020

Me: “Welcome to [Fast Food Place]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “I’ll have a fudge sundae and a small [smoothie].”

I instantly recognize him by the order; he’s an older customer that always orders a dessert and the same smoothie before canceling the dessert, wasting our time in making it. Sure enough, when he pulls up to my window…

Me: “That’ll be [price].”

Customer: “That doesn’t sound right.”

Me: “The smoothie is [price] and the sundae is [price]; with tax means your total is [total].”

Customer: “How much was that sundae?”

Me: “[Price].”

Customer: “Cancel that; get me a pie, instead.”

He pays and drives over to the second window. After he leaves, I switch my headset to talk to the other employee, one of the managers.

Me: “Take a shot in the dark at who canceled their sundae.”

Manager: “I now have two motherf****** sundaes up here. Come make one disappear.”

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