Any Child Knows That Respect Is Earned

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(In the UK, students between 16 and 18 take up to four subjects in school, all of which are chosen by the student. The son of the man in this story has been skipping one of his chosen subjects, so he has come in to speak to his head of year.)

Father: “I cannot believe this school gives Sixth Form detention, treating the students like children! How are you going to teach them to be adults like this!? He’s almost 18!”

Me: “Sir, I entirely believe in the notion of giving them a chance to behave like an adult before treating like a child—”

Father: “As you should!”

Me: “However, acting like an adult includes showing respect to the teachers, and I think not showing up to a particular subject, especially since he has chosen it, is one of the most disrespectful things a student can do.”

(The dad went rather quiet at that, but before it lingered too long, the head of year did show up and take him to a meeting room.)

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