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Anxiety Is Building

, , , | Right | September 27, 2020

We only have a bathroom for employees, but just around the corner is another store where people can use the bathroom and no one ever fusses about that.

It’s a slow night and I’m with my coworker. She’s new, and while I’ve worked there for quite some time, I never know how to react to weird customers. An elderly man comes in.

Me: “Hi there. How can I help you?”

Customer: “I don’t need anything; I just wanna go to the bathroom.”

Me: “Sorry, our bathroom is for employees only, but you can head around the corner to [Other Store] and use theirs!”

The customer is heading straight toward the curtain that separates the store from the back.

Customer: “I’m the owner of this building. Let me use the bathroom.”

I am really confused, because I don’t actually know who owns the building. I know who owns the store, and I know all my bosses, but I’ve got no idea if the building is rented or bought.

Me: “Uh. Sorry, our bathroom is for employees only!”

Customer: “I’m not a customer! I’m the owner of the building!”

I am wondering if I should block him physically, but my coworker and I are both tiny girls and he’s about sixty years old and way taller and heavier than both of us.

Me: “I know the owner of the store, and you’re not her!”

Customer: “I’m the owner of the building!

He walks straight into the back. I’m kind of frozen, just exchanging looks with my coworker. I really don’t think that they’re actually the owner, but I don’t KNOW.

Customer: *Coming back out* “See, that wasn’t so hard. Next time I come in, you’ll know who I am.”

Me: “…”

The customer walked out. I ran into the back to check if our valuables were still there. He left the light in the bathroom on and the door wide open, which is strictly against store policies. I have no idea who he was, but I’m about 99% sure he was just a random guy. I never saw him again.

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