Antisocial Time Distancing

, , , , , | Right | June 4, 2020

I’m a cashier at a local grocery store. It’s the day before Easter, so the store is slammed, even though we have a policy that customers should keep their six feet of distance. 

I’m checking out a customer who has a cart with over €200 worth of groceries. We don’t have baggers in The Netherlands; you do it yourself. Most people are trying to get out fast so they start bagging their groceries while I’m scanning them. Not this woman.

While I’m scanning, she just stares at me, watching her groceries pile up on the belt. I smile at her, hoping she’ll start packing soon, or else nothing else will fit. Luckily, everything fits, but there’s no room for anything else on the belt now. The woman pays, I hand her her receipt, and I hope she knows what she’s doing and will pack quickly. No.

She slowly takes out her phone and starts calling her friend. She proceeds to bag her s***-ton of groceries one by one with one hand while happily talking to her friend. I can’t check out other people unless I directly hand their groceries to them, risking hand-on-hand contact with others, something which we absolutely shouldn’t do for our own health and safety. 

This woman takes a whopping fifteen minutes to bag her groceries; usually, people take three, max. She doesn’t greet me or apologize; she just walks away and stands there talking to her friend for another ten minutes, standing in such a spot that nobody can get past her while keeping the appropriate distance.

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