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Antisocial Distancing

, , , , , , | Right | August 24, 2020

Lockdown has been eased, so my wife gets me to take her to a popular self-assembly furniture store to blow the cobwebs away.

Social distancing rules are still in force, and progress through the store’s one-way arrow-driven system is, of course, understood, as is the need to keep your distance.

Not everybody cares about this, of course. We are ambling through, as we do, taking our time, which doesn’t suit the taste of everybody, many of whom are impatient to get to the sections they like. Pushing past us causes violations of social distancing. So, in general, we tend to stand off to one side so as to let the traffic-jam behind us get past in their eagerness to get to the bits they are there for.

This doesn’t stop a family — a woman with three teenage and younger girls — who practically barge right into us, which is double rude because we’re not young, and my wife is clearly of limited mobility.

“Excuse me! Back off! Keep your distance!” I bark at them.

“I’m sorry,” she replies, in an accent from over the other side of the ocean. “We didn’t know you were going to be there.” And they continue to barge their way past, not giving a d*** about “distance.”

What is worse is that they — especially the crotch-vomits — are going back and forward, in complete violation of the rules.

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