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Another Person Who Shouldn’t Have Pets

, , , , | Friendly | December 3, 2020

We live on a smallholding and have four small dogs and a few chickens. Our dogs have been trained properly and leave the chickens all alone, and the chickens wander all over the whole freeholding — our definition of free-range chickens.

One day, I am working inside the house when I hear a commotion outside. I rush outside to see a big, strange dog, a cross between a pitbull and a staffie, busy killing a chicken.

We manage to get a hold of the dog, but by that time, it has killed three of our chickens already. We note that it does not have a collar or ID on. My wife goes to the shop and gets a proper harness for the dog.

We advertise on the neighbourhood social media groups with two clear pictures of the dog, but nobody responds. At the end of the day, we ask if anybody is willing to take the dog in until the owner can be found, but nobody is willing.

We manage to board the dog for the night, but in the early morning, it manages to get out, killing another chicken in the process.

My wife then takes it to an animal rescue, who takes the dog in. Initially, we think somebody dumped that dog in the freeholdings area since nobody claims to be the owner, and we’ve seen absolutely no posts or advertisements on social media regarding a missing dog.

A week later, we hear somebody is looking for a dog. We think nothing of it; we assume it is for another dog.

Two weeks later, my wife gets a call through a social media app where we posted about the dog.

Caller: “I just picked up my dog from [Rescue], and he’s been neutered! This is all your fault!”

He gave her all kinds of grief. We just blocked that person, as we were not in the mood for wasting any time. How anybody doesn’t notice their dog is missing for a week or so sure beats me.