Another One Goes Down The Tube

, , , , , | Working | March 8, 2018

(I am pregnant with my first child and trying to train girls to take over my job when I go on maternity leave. I have already hired and fired several girls who just cannot get the hang of answering a phone, being an office manager, and a host of other duties. I have one girl who, after only 30 minutes on the job, says she has a headache and needs to go get aspirin out of her car. I never see her again. The next girl thinks work is the best time to catch up on calling her friends. I fire her before lunch. I FINALLY think I have found an older woman who might work out. She has several problems understanding how to use the computer to order supplies and send messages, but she seems willing to learn. Her first four days go okay… until Friday, which is casual dress in our office; the rest of the week is business dress. She comes in wearing a tube top, a denim mini skirt, and flip-flops.)

Me: “What the hell are you wearing?”

New Hire: “Well, you said it’s casual Friday, so I put the business suit up and came casual!”

Me: “Hon, it’s casual Friday, not bar-hopper Friday!”

(The bosses were not amused, and she was let go that afternoon after some of my customers complained.)

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