Another Employee Who Should Sample The Goods More

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I know this store offers plain cold brew and vanilla bean cold brew, but the vanilla bean drink comes with milk. I love cold brew coffee and vanilla, but on this particular day, I don’t feel like drinking something milky.

Me: “Could I actually just get a regular black cold brew, but then add a shot of vanilla to it?”

Employee: “So, a vanilla cold brew?”

Me: “No, I want black cold brew, but I just want a shot of vanilla syrup added to it.”

Employee: “Oh, sure.”

I pay and a few minutes later a drink comes up for my name, but it is a light tan colour because it has milk in it.

Me: “Is this mine?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “But… I ordered a black cold brew with a shot of vanilla in it.”

Employee: “Yeah, that’s what that is.”

Me: “But it has milk in it.”

Employee: “Yeah, that’s the vanilla bean cold brew.”

Me: “No, I know, but I wanted a black cold brew.”

I just get a confused look from the employee.

Me: “Don’t you guys just have plain vanilla syrup you could add to drinks?”

Employee: “Oh, yeah, I guess I could remake it.”

I understand that these employees just get stuck on autopilot sometimes, but I had hoped asking with a longer description rather than “vanilla cold brew” would snap them out of it. I guess not!

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