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Another Day, Another Bullet Dodged

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This story happens three years ago when I have just graduated from college and am desperate for a full-time job. Besides me, there are two other people involved in this story: a junior HR assistant from a job agency and the branch manager.

Shortly after graduation, [HR Assistant] contacts me via an employment search website regarding an Executive Administrative Assistant position. We have a quick phone call.

HR Assistant: “Based on the courses you took in college and your placement experience, you are an ideal candidate for the position!”

She then schedules me for a screening interview with [Branch Manager]. [HR Assistant] explains to me how things work and emails me the instructions. I am told that [Branch Manager] will be giving me a call the following Monday at 2:00 pm sharp, and if I don’t hear from her after fifteen minutes past the scheduled time, I will have to call the main line and the operator will put me through. This phone conversation with [HR Assistant] goes smoothly.

Monday comes and I don’t hear anything from [Branch Manager]. I call the main line but am not able to get through, so I call [HR Assistant]’s direct line and she transfers me to [Branch Manager] who is very arrogant, rude, and unprofessional toward me.

Branch Manager: “I have an important meeting and don’t have time to deal with you.”

And she transfers me back to [HR Assistant] to reschedule.

When I get connected again with [HR Assistant], she switches from speaking professionally to a very passive-aggressive tone. I can tell that she just wants to get off the phone with me as soon as possible, but I don’t say anything because I want a job so bad. She tells me that she is going to put me on hold so that she can check [Branch Manager]’s calendar and put me on a time slot.

Miss Thang here presses the wrong button and leaves the receiver on her desk, meaning that I can hear the background and all the awful things she is saying about me to her colleagues.

HR Assistant: “Ugh, she’s so annoying! [Branch Manager] thinks she’s incompetent, you know.”

And other things along these lines. When she finds a time slot:

HR Assistant: “Done. Now I’m going to tell this b**** to f*** off.”

When she comes back to the line, I think she realizes that I heard everything.

HR Assistant: “Oh, s***!”

And she just hangs up on me.

I did file a complaint about this incident but never heard anything back. I totally forgot about all this until my nephew — who has just graduated from college — mentioned that he had recently dealt with this employment agency and they were not helpful at all.

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