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Another Alpha Male Deciding Where We Can And Can’t Pee

, , , | Right | September 23, 2019

(There are only two customer bathrooms and the men’s bathroom is closed for cleaning after a particularly nasty customer made the room a biohazard as revenge for us not taking his expired coupon. I witness a man running into the women’s bathroom but don’t say anything because he’s carrying a small child who is clearly about to have a potty emergency. There are women already in there, but none of them come up to complain about him being in there, so I figure they’re okay with the circumstances being what they are. A few moments later, another man approaches me.)

Man: “Excuse me, but did you know that there’s a man in the women’s restroom?”

Me: “Yes, actually, I was aware. The men’s room is closed because it’s being cleaned and he had a child with him that looked like he was about to have an emergency, so we just let him use it.”

Man: “Really? You’re okay with him being in there? My wife is in there! What if he rapes her?”

Me: *a little bit stunned* “Sir, I don’t think he’s going to touch your wife. I think he was more worried about keeping his son from wetting himself.”

Man: “I can’t believe you people! I’m going to call the cops!”

(Just then, a woman who’s left the bathroom and overheard the last bit of our conversation approaches him and smacks him upside the head. I’m guessing she’s his wife.)

Wife: “You’ll do no such thing! He was a complete gentleman and his son really had to go! None of us had any problem with him being in there! At least he takes his children to the bathroom when they have to go and doesn’t make excuses about how that’s the woman’s job like you always do!”

(She then dragged him from the store while berating him the entire time. The man and his son were in and out fairly quickly and I received no further complaints about them having been in there.)