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Annoying Customer Phone Home

, , , , , | Right | January 18, 2018

(This happens over the phone.)

Customer: “Is [Coworker #1] working today?”

Me: “No, sorry, he’s not, but [Coworker #2] is. Would you like me to get him?”

Customer: “No, it needs to be [Coworker #1].”

Me: “Hmm. Well, he doesn’t work today. But all the electronics associates know the same stuff, so if you have a question, I’m sure [Coworker #2] can help you.”

Customer: “Nooooo! It has to be [Coworker #1]!”

Me: “Well, he’s off today, so you’ll have to call back, or come into the store tomorrow, or something. Sorry about that.”

Customer: “What am I going to doooo?”

Me: “You can wait until tomorrow, or you can talk to someone else.”

Customer: “But I can’t wait until tomorrow!”

Me: “Then, I will get another electronics associate for you.”

Customer: “Nooo! It has to be [Coworker #1]! Can you just call him at home?”

Me: “Um, no. No, I can’t call him at home.”

Customer: “Can you give me his number so I can call him at home?”

Me: “No, I can’t do that.”

Customer:Ugh! Fine, I’ll call back tomorrow!”

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