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Announcement: Read Unfiltered Stories on NotAlwaysRight.com!

Right | September 28, 2015

Hey readers! We’re pleased to announce that Not Always Right’s Unfiltered stories will now be posted on NotAlwaysRight.com/category/unfiltered, instead of on Tumblr.

What are Unfiltered stories?
Unfiltered stories are raw, unedited and unformatted stories. They do not meet our standards of quality, so we’ve historically posted them on a separate Tumblr site.

Will they show on the main timeline/feed of the site?
Nope! We don’t want to adversely affect the quality of your reading experience, so Unfiltered stories will only be visible here. For your convenience, we also have a persistent link in our top navbar.

So, an Unfiltered story can never ever make it onto the main timeline?
Usually, no. But we’ve seen a few Unfiltered stories go viral, and have therefore transferred them onto the main site. In other words, we do make mistakes and want to make sure every good story gets its chance to shine!

What happens to the Unfiltered Tumblr site?
Not to worry: we won’t delete the Unfiltered Tumblr, ever. But we will stop updating that site, so we can focus on posting to the main site.

Why did you decide to do this?
We want to make our unfiltered stories more accessible to you; putting them on a separate site with a completely different UX runs counter to that goal. Also, if you’re a submitter, we appreciate the time you’ve put into submitting your story to us, and therefore want to increase the chances it’ll be read.

How often will Unfiltered be updated?
Daily! In fact, there will be more stories on Unfiltered than there are on the main timeline. How many? We post less than 30% of the stories we receive, so, LOTS of extra stories for you to read!

When will this happen?
It already has — visit the new Unfiltered category now!

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