Ankle Biting Your Head Off

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(My coworker and I are standing behind the counter, talking about what is left to do as I am about to leave, when a woman and man come in together. The man is carrying a bunched-up cord and looking around at the wall and the fixtures, while the woman heads to us.)

Coworker: *quietly* “He’s looking for somewhere to plug in.”

Me: “Looks like it.” *to the woman, louder* “Hello! How can—“

Man: “You got anywhere I can plug in?”

Me: “I’m afraid not. We don’t have any plugins in areas accessible to customers.”

Man: “I need to plug in my ankle monitor.”

Me: *kind of blown away* “I’m sorry. We simply don’t have anywhere for you to plug in.”

Man: “Fine! Then the police are gonna come and swarm you guys if I don’t!”

Me: *wondering how that’s our problem* “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.”

Man: “Whatever. I’ll wait outside for the police, then!” *stomps out*

Woman: *glowering after him, unimpressed* “Sorry about him. I was here to pick up some pictures.”

Me: “Not a problem. I can help you with that.”

(She was incredibly nice even though her photos ended up being at another location of our store. Made me wonder how she ended up having to be around the other guy.)

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